The world-wide data volume doubles every two years. This massive amount of information comes from all areas of everyday life and all economic sectors and changes human co-existence and economic ties.  Big Data provides companies with competitive advantages, saving potentials, access to new business areas and new business models. Without these new business models, a company, even is small or mid-size, will hardly be able to compete successfully the future global market. The industry recognizes the value and advantages of big data. 49 percent of companies are currently implementing big data initiatives or likely implement them in the future.

i-KNOW has addressed this trend by establishing the Big Data Forum, a format that permits a closer look from the industrial perspective on Big Data in the context of Industry 4.0, Learning 4.0, Life Sciences or Mobility. The Big Data Forum is the perfect meeting place for scientists and practitioners to discuss challenges arising in current applications in the respective branch, to benefit from the findings of the latest research as a driver of innovation, to feed given requirements from the underlying applications to the research community so that research projects can base on realistic assumptions and new partnerships and project ideas can be initiated.





Big Data Forum – for the IT industry

Wednesday & Thursday, 21 – 22/10/2015, all-day
Target group: Companies from the IT industry or with interest in Big Data topics

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Big Data Info-Workshop – for Decision Makers

Thursday 22/10/2015
Target group:
Managers and decision makers in companies that are faced by Big Data issues and want to unleash the full potential of existing enterprise data – or are in general interested in Big Data topics.
Prerequisites: No specific previous knowledge necessary.

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Big Data Expert Training – for Software Developers

Thursday 22/10/2015
Target group: Experienced software developers interested in Big Data technologies.
Prerequisites: Java (Eclipse, IntelliJ)