Join us on a mission to improve the distribution of cultural and scientific resources!

‘Hacking for Culture & Science’ is a hacking event with the goal to create new ways for disseminating cultural and scientific resources in the Web.
It is organised by the EU funded project EEXCESS
and sponsored by ELSEVIER

A Hackathon for increasing the visibility of cultural and scientific resources

Now we are seeking YOU, talented people interested in showing your skills, ideas and creativity on how to utilize those digital objects and improve their distribution in the World Wide Web.

It is an important mission to give people the ability for getting in touch with high quality cultural and scientific resources. It is not a commercial mission, but a societal mission to disseminate our cultural heritage and scientific facts for educational purposes. So join us for getting this mission done! In case you got interested and want to get involved right now, you are invited to join our Open Source Community on Github under Github EEXCESS or see what we have done so far by installing the EEXCESS Chrome Extension available in the Chrome Web Store.
EEXCESS has developed privacy preserving, federated recommender technology plus web-based visual clients in order to find new ways to recommend cultural and scientific content to interested people. It currently provides an access point to over 25 million digital objects such as resources from Wikipedia or Europeana, the European aggregator of cultural heritage resources.

Why should I participate?

Hacking has not only a technical dimension, but also a social one. You will get in touch with interesting, like minded people, jointly work on interesting ideas and learn about coding meanwhile. At the end of the three days, one resulting idea will be voted, announced and rewarded within the closing of the conference!

The Hackathon is located at the famous i-KNOW conference and participants get the unique opportunity to participate in the conference for free, enjoy the keynotes and the conference’s atmosphere. And by luck AND your talent, you’ll be discovered and get an interesting job offer alongside the conference. But most important: There will be plenty of food and drinks including cool evening events!

What will we do at the Hackathon?

There are several possible routes for engaging with EEXCESS on the Hackathon, in particular you can

  • develop new federated retrieval algorithms that distribute queries to web-APIs and aggregate their results
  • integrate new Web APIs that interests you
  • develop new visualisations showing the interesting patterns in cultural and scientific resources
  • work on new clients that exploit EEXCESS web-API for the environment you are currently developing
  • come up with a marketing strategy or a business model of how to attract more attention to the EECXESS project or platform
  • ..or gather your own idea. Feel free!

Depending on your project idea, you should have decent programming experience in the language of your choice. For projects enhancing the system itself knowledge of Java and/or Javascript will be needed.

However, you can also apply for the Hackathon, if you are skilled in sketching, mock upping, marketing, creating business models or designing and have basic understanding of programming.

What kind of prizes will be awarded?

Participants do not only get free access to the i-KNOW conference, but there are also some nice prices for the winning teams!
Here are the cool rewards we offer at the hackathon:

  • 1st place: 500€
  • 2nd place: 300€
  • 3rd place: 200€
  • All others: Cool gimmicks

When and where will the Hackathon happen?

The Hackathon takes place from 20 – 22 October at the I-KNOW 2015 Conference in the Messe Congress Graz, Graz, Austria. It is a 3 day event starting with a tutorial on EEXCESS and its technology and a brief introduction of potential routes you can go in those three days.

REGISTER NOW – registration is open until October 18, 2015!

We can just offer a limited amount of participants the chance to take part in the event. So, be quick and register via eexcess-hackathon@know-center.at! You will be notified until 19th October, 2015!

Further Questions?

Roman Kern
Phone: +43 316 873 30860
Email: rkern@know-center.at

Vedran Sabol
Phone: +43 316 873 30850
Email: vsabol@know-center.at