Big Data Tutorial – for Data Analysts

Tuesday 20/10/2015
Roman Kern, Stefan Klampfl
Target group: Researchers from different fields interested in Big Data Analytics
Prerequisites: Machine learning, computer science or any related field of expertise

Big Data for Data Analysts

Recent advances in science, engineering, and technology have given rise to the era of big data, where not only high volumes of data arriving at high velocity need to be processed, but also the unstructured nature of such data needs to be taken into account. This tutorial addresses a number of topics related to (big) data analytics and is targeted towards researchers from different fields who are interested in new approaches to meet their computational needs.

One part of the tutorial addresses aspects of how to adapt existing, well-known, and wide-spread machine learning frameworks, such as Weka or Moa, for the use in a distributed setting. We also discuss deep learning, a hot topic and promising paradigm for big data analytics, and we present approaches, algorithms and frameworks that enable deep learning in a distributed environment.

In addition, technologies for information retrieval and searching in big data are addressed, and cloud computing services provided by Amazon, Google, or Microsoft are presented. Alternative parallel architectures will be briefly touched.

Roman Kern
Phone: +43 316 873 30865

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